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    San Jose school closures: Trustee would target other campuses

    Teachers and parents attend a December meeting concerning the Oak Grove School District’s board appointed 38-member school consolidation committee recommendations for school closures in San Jose. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

    After months of tedious and emotional labor to recommend four schools for possible closure, the Oak Grove schools community was startled Thursday night to hear an alternate vision.

    Oak Grove board President Carolyn Bauer suggested that two schools that seemingly would be spared the ax should be put back on the target list.

    Earlier, a 38-member committee had narrowed down eight Oak Grove schools to the top four candidates for closure — Glider, Miner, Baldwin and Del Roble.

    At a board meeting Thursday, Bauer suggested closing just three schools instead: Oak Ridge, Miner and Frost.

    Bauer said she based her idea on the committee’s report, and pointed out that healthy state revenues would net Oak Grove an unexpected $2.1 million.

    Rather than undermining the district committee, she said, she’s doing her job as trustee “The easiest thing would have been to rubber-stamp a committee recommendation and claim I’m not responsible for ‘deciding’ the schools,” she said.

    “It caused a whirlwind,” said committee member Roberto Plamenco. “What everyone was troubled with was the initial process we were given was suddenly backdoored” by Bauer, he said.

    Her suggestion sent Oak Grove administrators, who for months have been navigating the passionate feelings of parents and teachers, scrambling to address staff Friday morning.

    “To bring it up at the last minute,” Plamenco said, “that took us by surprise. That was not pleasant.”

    Board members are expecting an earful when they meet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Herman Intermediate School to hear public comment.

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